General Information



– Only current year Carolinas Show Hunter Hall of Fame  supporters may nominate horses, ponies and/or horseman.

– Supporters wishing to nominate horses, ponies and / or horsemen need to complete and submit a nomination form.

– A committee will review the nominations and verify if the horses / people meet the Carolinas Show Hunter Hall of Fame criteria.

– Up to 5  horses and 4 people will be nominated annually.

– If more then 5 horses and 4 people are nominated the horses and people with the most nominations will be put on that year’s ballot.

– Nominations close 2/15/18.


– Ballots will be available to all current year Carolinas Show Hunter Hall of Fame supporters.

– Nominated horses/people who meet the Carolinas Show Hunter Hall of Fame criteria and have been inducted into the National Show Hunter Hall of Fame will not appear on the ballot but will be honored by the Carolinas Show Hunter Hall of Fame.  Up to two horses and two people will be honored annually.

– The horses and horsemen with the most votes will be inducted.

  Up to 3 horses and 2 people will be inducted annually.

– Voting ends and ballots need to be received by 4/15/18.


– Horses and Horsemen will be inducted/honored at a ceremony in June.   Exact date and location to be available soon.

– A traveling exhibit consisting of the Inductees’ biographies and pictures will be created and displayed at the induction ceremony as well as other locations throughout the year.

Important Dates

  2/15/18  Nominations close.
  3/15/18  Ballots become available.
– 4/15/18  Voting ends. (Ballots must be received by 4/15/18.)
  The  Induction Ceremony will be the beginning of June.